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Brick Mugs – Set of 2 – 300 ML Mugs


Clay Jug – Large – Earthenware Jug For Water or Juice


Clay Slim Stem Glass – Set of Six Mitti Glass


Cyber Tumbler – Set of Six Earthenware Glass/Cups


Earthen Glass – Regular – Set of 6 Tumblers


Earthen Tumbler – Classic – Set of 6 Regular Brown


Earthen Tumbler – Kullad – Set of 6 Cups – Mugs


Earthenware Beer Mug – 400 ML – Set of Two Clay Mugs


Earthenware Glass Daily Use – Flowery – Set of 6


Earthenware Tea Set – Classic Clay-Mitti Tableware


Faluda Glass – Set of 2 Tumblers (300ML)


Glass – Octagon – Set of 6 Tumblers


Glass – Square – Set of 6 Tumblers – Mugs


Glass Medium Everyday use Rounded – Set of 6


Glass Medium Maharaja Style – Set of 6


Rabri Style Tumbler – Set of 6 in Earthenware


Scotch Glass – Set of 6 – Regular Brown


Small Family Starter Set – Tumbler Bowl Spoons Plates Jug


Soft Drink Glass – Set of 2 Tumblers


Tea Cups – Set of 6 – Brick Design Regular Size


Tea Cups – Set of 6 Cups Regular Size Brown


Tea Cups – Set of 6 Cups Regular Size Brown


Tea Cups Basics in Earthenware – Regular


Tea Glass – Set of 6 – Medium – Regular


Handmade High-Quality Earthen Drinkware to Satiate Your Thirst Naturally

Are you looking for handmade earthen drinkware with beautiful designs? Then you have landed at the perfect platform as New Basics offers different types of clay drinkware with natural colors and materials. You can feel the aroma of earthen materials from the clay cup while drinking coffee or tea and water from the glass to give you a calming feeling. 

Our earthen drinkware is composed of high-quality material that keeps any liquid odor-free and offers a fresh feeling whenever you drink something from it. All the products from New Basics keep the liquid as it is for several hours with no need for refrigeration. The drinkware comes in a shape that will be comfortable to hold even for hours. We ensure there is no defect or leakage in our products so you can use them directly after opening our package. Storing water in the clay drinkware improves the metabolism and digestion with minerals and nutrients. 

The earthen drinkware from New Basics also neutralizes the water pH level and offers a natural cooling taste. You can also gift them to your loved ones on any special occasion. All our drinkware from New Basics is easy to clean and is reusable after washing. There is no need to wash the clay utensils with soap and detergent. Just soak them in the warm water and scrub with a non-abrasive scrubber to clean it. Now dry it with a damp cloth. 

Benefits of Using Earthen Drinkware from New Basics

The stylish, lightweight, and sturdy drink aware from New Basics is always better to use than the plastic utensils. You can use the clay jug daily and enjoy the drink hygienically. Drinking water or other liquid materials from clay drinkware includes numerous benefits as follows.

  • Offer a Natural Cooling Effect

The best property of earthen drinkware is it provides natural cooling effects. The people in the old days used the water Matka to keep it chilled when there were no refrigerators. People have again started using clay utensils to take advantage of this cooling effect. Water remains cool due to the porous characteristics of clay.  

  • Best for Throat

When you store the water in a clay water pot, it remains cool, yet gentle to your throat. Thus, people suffering from cough, asthma, and cold can drink water from the clay drinkware. So, instead of drinking chilled water from the refrigerator, go for healthy water from a clay jug to keep these problems aside. 

  • Preventing Sunstroke

Sunstrokes are common primarily in the summer season. But nutrient-enriched water from the clay drinkware can assist combat the problems to an extent. 

  • Alkaline Properties

Since clay has an alkaline nature, it assists in maintaining the water pH balance in the human body. It also helps in combating acidity and gastric-related problems successfully and improves health. 

  • Boosting the Metabolism

We are aware that storing water in a plastic container is highly unhealthy. Plastic consists of toxic chemicals like BPA or Bisphenol, primarily an endocrine disruptor. But water stored inside the earthen clay pot does not contain chemicals, enhancing your metabolism naturally. It also assists improve digestion because of the high amount of minerals in the water. 

For New Basics, we consider good design as a customary and a privilege. We inspire the lifestyle of people where tradition meets nature to handcraft drinkware that is beyond sight. So keep your water cool in our classic earthen drinkware with no need for any electricity.