newBasics Story

How it all started...

Our story begins in summer vacations of 2018, we happened to visit our ancestral village in Rajasthan. As our kids visited the village for the first time, we took them around the fields and showed them the different processes involved in harvesting the yield. They were thrilled and we also rediscovered the joy of simple things through fresh eyes. As we went around the village, across fields of maize, we came across an old acquaintance who offered us freshly extracted oil. Being used to seeing only packaged oil and flour, our kids were surprised and wanted to see the process themselves. We took them to a traditional ghani (oil-mill) and spent the evening there relishing bhajiya made in fresh extracted oil and rotis made of freshly grounded flour in grinding stones. As we ate we realized how long it had been since we ate such wholesome food. We were even more surprised when our kids who often throw tantrums for eating were actually asking for more and enjoying every bite. No matter what brand, the texture, the taste and the freshness of homemade atta is unmatchable. The joy we felt after our meal got me wishing for having the whole experience in our life’s back again.

While interacting with one of the acquaintances at the village his words struck our brain very hard. He said Tum shaharwale log khana banate ho pakate nahi  This set us on the journey of finding ways of making mills and oil press and not to forget earthen pots accessible and at the convenience of home. Over the last two years we have worked on discovering these products from Indian Markets, re-designing, producing and testing to make it available to everyone.


Access to a more sustainable, healthy, wholesome experience. Get back to ancient techniques with help of modern engineering - we call the `new Basics`