All the right ingredients cannot give you the results you’re looking for if the cookware used is not of the right kind. Cooking is meant to be a slow process that retains flavour and does not destroy the nutritional value of the dish. This in fact, is the key to amazing tasting food as well. No wonder that recipes made in a traditional handi or matka have an element of deliciousness that is indescribable.

Glazed cookware may seem convenient to use and easy to maintain, but do not have the magic of simple earthen pots. Plus, the potential harms of using bad cookware makes it a big no no. Food cooked in earthen pots, on the other hand, helps in maintaining calcium, magnesium and sulfur levels in the body. They are alkaline in nature which is beneficial in keeping the pH levels of the body balanced.

This age-old cookware is completely environment friendly which means you can do your bit for a better world and a healthier life at one go.

Moreover, shifting to earthen cookware is a great way to support local artisans and encourage skillful production. It also goes a long way in boosting the rural economy and development of the country.

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Please find below few of the common question along with answers,

Frequently Asked Questions

For the first time usage, please soak Clayware in water for 24 hours and dry it in the sun before using.

Heating tips:

Always start cooking with low flame in the Clayware and move to medium flame.
Do not heat an empty clay pot on flame; rather use oil or roti before putting your cookware on flame.

Cleaning and Washing tips:

Allow the Clayware temperature to room temperature before washing. Don’t wash your Hot clayware directly with cold water as it may crack from the temperature change.

Use a soft sponge, do not use metallic scrubber as it will damage the Clayware sets. Never use any detergents on your Clayware. Use Baking Soda with hot water to remove difficult stains.

Allow the clayware to dry completely before storage in the ventilated area.

Dishwasher Safe: Clayware are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give you and your earthenware the best care. Being that clay is a porous material, it may absorb dishwashing detergent which will reduce the vessels lifetime and the food may have residual detergents.


Once in a while, clayware can be soaked in water for a day and dried in the sun for longer life and even cooking oil could be applied before storage and usage for long life and natural taste.


All Earthenware products are handmade and hence there may be variance in color, texture, size from one another. Even if they are sent as a set. This is normal and authentic.


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