Indispensable to Indian cooking, oil is a basic ingredient that is easily overlooked and escapes the scrutiny it deserves. Ad after ad, consumers are flooded with a range of oils each claiming to be better than the other. They further back these claims with theories of ‘good cholesterol’ and ‘bad cholesterol’, a myth created entirely to trick unaware consumers. It is no surprise that we find ourselves confused and constantly struggling to make the right choice.

A closer survey, however, will make it clear that most oils available in the modern market are mechanically and chemically processed. This is then refined, often adulterated and to make things worse is  packaged in plastic containers. What is left behind is oil that is stripped off its essence and nutrients.

Thankfully we have a number of alternatives which are now quickly becoming the new basics. More people are now opting for cold pressed oil and traditional oil mills that don’t use heat or chemical process – a sure shot way of retaining nutrients. Sourcing fresh oil weekly or once a fortnight can go a long way in achieving that healthy lifestyle that we all dream of.


Process oil with any seed which would give food the best aroma and flavor, at convenience of your home whenever required.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time consuming?

Yes, almost the same time you take to pick a product from the market / order it online!

Is it messy?

Definitely not. Compact model and minimalistic parts makes the process neat and clean.

What are the seeds I can mill in this Oil Mill?

Almost all seeds which have oil in it can be milled for oil, make sure they are sun dried without moisture before the same goes into the mill for the best results.

How much time does this take to mill?

Depending upon the seeds you feed, it would mill around 2ltr – 3ltr of oil an hour.

How much oil will I get for the oil seeds?

Does it require AH (15AMPS) (Big Plug)?

No, these run on 5 Amps regular socket, just like your mixer grinder.
* What is the body of this machine made of? Pure Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Will there be a huge electricity bill?

Definitely not, one hour of running a machine would consume less than 1 unit of power, which for a domestic home would cost a maximum of Five rupee depending upon your slabs.

What can we do with the residue left over from the Oil milling process?

The residual is edible and can be processed and consumed. Some examples include Badam-halwa, groundnut chikki, sesame chikki, coconut chiki etc. Else you can always use it as manure or it would also form a good feed for cattle.

How to filter oil if residue doesn’t settle down even after 10-12 hrs?

Sometimes oil you get is not crystal clear because of moisture content in seeds. Oil may require upto 48 hours for settling down the residues. Make sure there is no moisture in seeds, if required a normal roasting can be done so that oil is pure and clear.

If this machine is using heat during the process, it is destroying the nutrients. Why is it claimed as a cold pressed machine?

The original cold pressed machines were made of wood, which is not practical in a commercial model, but this is definitely a lot-lot lesser than Hot-pressed oil which is available in the market and hence they are similar to cold pressed.

Who will install or service this?

his is a ready to use product, though instruction manuals and videos are available, it is a real simple do it yourself process. As such there is no requirement of any Service, but if at all you face any issue, we are just a call away to help sort out the issues.

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