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Appliances for Extracting Flour and Oil at Home

No doubt freshly ground flour or oil extracted offers a different taste to the food. But buying it from outside can be expensive, even if it is in small quantities. Freshly milled flour contains an earthy and lively taste with all the goodness of the seeds. Cold-pressed oils also include the seed nutrients from which it is extracted. 

New Basics is one of the leading suppliers of various small-scale flour mill machines for homes and oil extraction machines for homes. All our innovative products can extract 100% oil and flour from different seeds, cereals, legumes, and many more. 

Flour Mill Machine for Domestic Use

Whether you are looking for moderate, heavy, or light use domestic flour mill, New Basics has everything in the collection. You can keep them on the kitchen counter to produce nutritious flour. Flour milling is a good idea that is continuing for the past thousand years. Now, the technology has improved, but the basic principle is still the same. We offer the following types of Flour mill pulverizer machines


The manual atta chakki machine price is lower than the automatic ones. The grains remain cool due to the hand power lower RPM. It offers a hands-on and rustic experience to the user. The manual atta chakki machine for home usually creates only coarser flour. Naturally, they are slower than the electric ones, so you will need the patience to grind larger batches. 


Electric flour mill for home is easier and quicker to operate with numerous texture setting options. In this electric atta chakki for homeyou can customize your flour blend in the way you like. Electric models are highly portable and do not need any stabilizing anchors. You can keep it in any spot when you are not using it. They are noisier than the manual ones and create more heat. They also build much more dust compared to the manual atta chakki machine due to its high speed. 


Stone aata pisne ki machine offers the best possible textures, creating a course to cereal textures. They turn with a slow RPM compared to other aata chakki machines. The stone mills provide the best performances for efficiency and produce grit-free and calibrated flours. Synthetic or composite stones are the best for dry legumes and grains.

The Domestic Oil Extraction Machine

Cold pressing oils extract the highest nutrient content from the ingredients. Thus it can create vibrant oil that adds much more than taste to the dishes. So get ready to unearth the goodness of the nuts and seeds with our premium quality cold-pressed oil machine for home. With our oil-making machine for home, you can extract oil from almond, coconut, flaxseed, olive, sunflower, mustard, sesame, walnut, and more. 

Reasons to Select New Basics Products

The flour grinding and oil extraction machines of New Basics are highly popular for commercial and residential use due to the following reasons. 

  • Easier to Use

Our machines avoid any complexities. They are hassle-free and easier to use, and one person can operate them.

  • Warranty Period

We provide an extended warranty period on our home flour mills and cold press oil machineYou can be assured to use them at peace with these warranties. 

  • Output

The output of the New Basics flour oil and extraction machines is the top in this industry. For a particular input load, the output is maximum with minimum wastage.  

  • Make in India Product.

The appliances of New Basics are manufactured and designed in India. Thus the price is also less compared to its quality. 

So, hurry up and place your order today for our appliances to enjoy the taste of homemade oil and flour.