The humble atta, is a staple in every household and making sure that it’s of the best kind is a necessity .Commercialized products are accessible and well marketed, but hidden behind this facade is food produced in large scale and old grains processed chemically. The result is flour that is neither fresh nor nutritional. Obtain raw grains from a trustable source and get them grounded from a stone based flour mill. Atta that is freshly grounded from well sourced grains is not just trustable for quality but is also rich in fibre and packed with nutrients. Aisles of the supermarket continue to be stacked with packaged food that is convenient to use and attractive to look at, however, we fail to realize that packaging and storing food in plastic saps its freshness and is terrible for the environment.

Turn to the good old days when we stored only weeks of atta for its freshness by making your own Atta at home with this simple to use Flour Mill. And not to forget, the same goes for spices that are bound to provide a wealth of benefits and taste far superior when obtained and pound in the traditional way.

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Please find below few of the common question along with answers,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time consuming?

Not really. You can drop your grains in the hopper and get back to your work and check back once it is done. Usually take 20-25 if hopper is filled fully. You spend time to only add grains and stock flour.

Is it messy?

There would be a little cloud of flour while in operation but it can be controlled with the accessories provided.

What are the grains I can grind in this Flour Mill?

Almost all grains which are dry can be grinded.
You can grind as nicer as Refined Flour (Maida) or as thick as splits of grains
(example moong dal from moong etc.)

Who will install or service this?

This is a ready to use product, though instruction manuals and videos are available,
it is a real simple do it yourself process. As such there is no requirement of any Service,
but if at all you face any issue, we are just a call away to help sort out the issues.

Can I make Idly or Dosa Batter?

This is a Flour mill, and can only grind grains. This machine is not for any watery or wet substance.

Can Chilly or Turmeric be grinded?

Yes, request you to kindly cut them in smaller pieces before feeding it to the machine. As the machine is small, it would not be capable of processing larger chunks of raw chilly or turmeric.

How much time does this take to grind?

Depending upon the grains you feed, it would grind 8kgs – 12kgs grain an hour.

Does it require AH (15AMPS) (Big Plug)?

No, these run on 5 Amps regular sockets, just like your mixer grinder.

What is the body of this machine made of?

Pure Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Will there be a huge electricity bill?

Definitely not, one hour of running a machine would consume less than 1 unit of power, which for a domestic home would cost a maximum of Five rupee depending upon your slabs.

How long will Grinding Stone last?

Stones have a good life of at least 5-8 years for a normal household and further if required stone can be replaced.

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