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Enjoy the Richness of Homemade Oil with a Domestic Oil Extraction Machine from New Basics

A cold press oil machine is the equipment you can use for commercial and domestic purposes. These machines are widely used for crushing oily seeds and taking out oil from them. The oil machine for home from New Basics comes with several advantages and is available at reasonable rates. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of oil extraction machines in India. After buying and using our cold press oil machine, you will stop buying the outside edible oil and start making it at home.

Advantages of Oil Mills Machine of New Basics

Some of the primary features of the oil extraction machine of New Basics which make them stand out from their competitors are as follows.

Extract Oil from Any Edible Seeds

The machine can extract oil from various edible oils like peanut, almond, sesame, flaxseed, sunflower, mustard, and many more. 

Automatic Systems

All our machines are fully automatic and can extract oil from any seeds.


The capacity of the cold-pressed oil machines for a homevaries from 3 to 6 kg for every hour.


Most of the oil-making machine for homefrom New Basics is within the weight range of 13 kg. It means they are exceptionally lightweight compared to other equipment and are easier to carry around. However, the cold press oil machine for commercial use is a bit heavier than the domestic ones. 

Simple Design

A simple design makes the user's life easier while using the oil extraction machine at home. Even a person with little technical knowledge can run the machine. 

Different Alternatives

We have an extensive collection of oil extraction machines for our clients. You can select residential and commercial options in numerous color and design alternatives. 


The engine of these machines is highly durable. It can continuously work for 5 hours or more for sure. The machines are primarily composed of carbon and stainless steel. It is surrounded by an interior protective film and water-resistant plastic on the outside. Thus you can purchase these mini oil machines for home use to save the effort of buying oil from the market and storing them. 


Many times getting oil from the market becomes a time taking process. Thus we save your effort by extracting oil from any seed and get a superior quality product in less time. 

Are the Oil Extraction Machines from New Basics Simple to Use?

The oil extraction rate of any domestic oil mill machine is almost 45% material weight in oil. Yes, our entire mini oil press machine is convenient, stable, and easy to operate. You can select our products because:

  • They are easier to operate. Just add the raw materials to the machine, pick a pressing method, and the extraction process will start.
  • The devices are hassle-free to clean. You have to remove some scrapes and take out the collection barrel for easy and fast cleaning. 
  • The noise level of these machines is below 50 dB, which is lower than most people's voices.
  • The machines include industrial motors and can constantly run for a minimum of 5 hours with no difficulty.
  • The mini oil press machine price in India of New Basics is much lower than the other companies. It also comes with warranties. 
  • The machines are also highly enduring and can last for a minimum of 10 years. All the parts are available universally, and you can replace them at any hardware store. 

So select any high quality, corrosion resistance, durable, and low maintenance cold press oil extraction machine for domestic or commercial use from New Basics.