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Biryani Pot – Biryani Handi – True Clayware


Bowl – Dal – Sabji – Katori – Bowl – Regular – Set of 6


Bowl – Katori – Round Classic Design – Regular


Breakfast Plate with 2 portion Square Regular


Breakfast Plate with 3 portion Round Regular


Brick Mugs – Set of 2 – 300 ML Mugs


Butter – Curd Pot with Earthen Lid – Small Elite


Butter Pot with Glass Lid – Small Elite


Casserole – Chapati Box Round with Lid


Clay Bhagona with Glass Lid and Handle – Cooking


Clay Chatni Bowl – Small – Set of Six Bowls


Clay Earthenware Idli Cooker with Lid Standard (Brown)


Clay Frying Pan with Handle and Toughen Glass Lid


Clay Jug – Large – Earthenware Jug For Water or Juice


Clay Kadai – with Clay Handle for Cooking


Clay Kadai – with Toughen Glass Lid and Handle


Clay Slim Stem Glass – Set of Six Mitti Glass


Clay Tawa – Roti Phulka Chapati Tawa with Handle – 10″


Clay Water Bottle with Chrome Cap – 1 Liter


Clay Water Bottle with Chrome Head & Cap – 1 Liter


Clay Water Bottle with Clay Cap – 1 Liter


Clay Water Bottle with Rubber Cap – 1 Liter


Clay Water Bottle with Rubber Cap – Small – 500ml


Cyber Tumbler – Set of Six Earthenware Glass/Cups


Get the Best Quality Earthenware from New Basics

Have you ever tried cooking in the earthen potIf yes, you will know the difference in taste while cooking anything in earthenware compared to iron, steel, or non-stick utensils. Due to so many options available in the market, earthenware use is now barely used by people. 

In the old times, people store water in water matka to keep it cool and flavorful. They also used to drink water in clay glasses. But now, due to global warming and many other reasons, people are switching back to using earthenware again. 

Earthenware has always been an integral part of our life, particularly in the Indian Households. There are many houses where people are now using clay dinner set for serving and clay pot for cookingBut it can be tough to get the best quality clay utensils as mostly they are impure, glazed, and hazardous to health. 

Porous and Alkaline

The porous nature allows heat and moisture to circulate through the food, resulting in an aromatic scent. It also helps to retain all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the food, usually lost in the other utensils. The thermal inertia in the clay pot allows the food to remain tender and soft. It is due to the collagen and the muscles breaking down fully and making the food juicy. 

The alkaline nature of clay interacts with food acidity. It neutralizes the pH balance and eventually makes the food tastier and healthier. It provides essential minerals, including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and iron. 

Oil Use

Due to slow cooking and heat resistance, the food can retain all its moisture and oil. Thus, you will never need any additional oil and fat to offer moisture to the food. 

Delivers Flavorful Food

Due to the porous nature and slow cooking in a clay Kadai and clay handithe aroma and moisture of the food remain in the utensils without losing any minerals or nutrients. It also has a flavorful earthy taste which we bet you will never find in any other utensil. 

Easy Availability

All the earthen utensils like clay cup, clay water bottle, clay water pot, and more from New Basics is unglazed and pure. They are exceptionally cheap. You can get it in different sizes and shapes without creating a big hole in your pocket.

Boosts Immunity

Enhance the immunity of your loved ones and your family members by cooking and serving in earthenware utensils. Clay pots add vitamin B12 to the food and detoxify it. Probiotics introduced by the clay improve our immunity. Clay utensils also enhance Vitamin A, D, C, B9, and B3, which will get lost if you cook the food in any other metal utensils. 

Clay is available in abundance in all the delta regions of India. All our potters have a rich history of techniques and traditional pottery making. New Basics is proud to introduce a wide range of clay utensils handcrafted with love and care. New Basics offer utmost importance to quality and do not compromise a bit. Our primaries intend to support the local artisans and to preserve the tradition and culture of our country. 

Each team member of the New Basics is devoted to delivering the finest clay products possible. In other words, whatever clay products you buy from New Basics will be worth your money. So, browse our clay collections and order according to requirements and preferences.