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Biryani Pot – Biryani Handi – True Clayware


Clay Bhagona with Glass Lid and Handle – Cooking


Clay Earthenware Idli Cooker with Lid Standard (Brown)


Clay Frying Pan with Handle and Toughen Glass Lid


Clay Kadai – with Clay Handle for Cooking


Clay Kadai – with Toughen Glass Lid and Handle


Clay Tawa – Roti Phulka Chapati Tawa with Handle – 10″


Degchi Set – Set of 3 Degchi for Cooking / Serving


Donga Set Brick Style – Set of 3 – Dome Lid – Brown


Donga Set with Clay Lid and Cute Clay Handle – Set of 3


Earthen Biryani Pot – Baryani Handi – 1000 ML Clayware


Earthenware – Clay Puttu Kudam / Puttu Maker


Earthenware Appam Tawa – Clay Appam Maker – Cooker


Frying Pan with Handle for Cooking – Regular – Brown


Handi Pot – Earthen Pot with Earthen Lid


Kadai with Earthen Lid without Handle – Regular


Line Handi – Set of 3 – For Cooking or Serving (2 + 1 + 0.5 Liter)


Mathani Mitti Pot – Earthenware Handi Set of Three


Mitti Bowl Set – Microware Safe – Set of 4 Clay Bowls


Open Pot – Earthen Pot for Cooking / Boiling – 2 ltr


Small Family Starter Set – Tumbler Bowl Spoons Plates Jug


Square Donga with Toughen Glass Lid


Completely Healthy, Non-Toxic, and Safe Earthen Cookware from New Basics

Are you still cooking in ceramic or metal pans and pots? Then there can be a high chance of toxic raw materials entering your food and the nutrients of the raw materials getting destroyed by the destructive and harsh heat. Switching to clay utensils can save your cooked foods from both of these damages, as earthen cookware is 100% non-reactive, non-toxic, and safe for the users' health. 

Even the far-infrared heat of the micro-oven or the OTG cannot destroy the delicate nutrients of the food cooked in the clay pots. All the products of New Basics are natural, pure, and handcrafted with care. 

Different Types of Earthen Cookware

Let us look at the different earthen cookware available in New Basics. 

  • Clay Handi

A clay handi is a traditional earthen pot used in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Northern India. Handi is famous for making biryani, a rice dish layered with various spices and meat. That is why handi is also popularly known as the Biryani pot

  • Clay Pots

Clay pots are used in cooking various sauces, eggs, vegetables, fish, stews, and potato and meat dishes. Clay pots cook food with slow heat allowing the juices to prepare the food evenly with no or minimal use of salt, oil, and fat. The most commonly used clay pots from New Basics are red and sand pots, cazuelas, and tagines. The shapes of these clay pots vary, but they are all the same in function. 

  • Clay Bowl

Clay bowls are particularly used for serving cooked dishes. Clay bowls are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They keep your food hot for a long time due to the porous nature of the utensils, which helps to spread the heat evenly in your dish. These bowls also help retain the dish's flavor and keep them fresh. 

  • Clay Kadai

Clay Kadai is primarily used to cook authentic and flavorful gravy and curry dishes. You can cook different dishes like boiling vegetables, cooking rice, making soups and many other dishes. Besides providing numerous health benefits, clay Kadai preserves natural food taste and is easy to wash and use. 

Reasons to Select New Basics’ Clay Pot for Cooking

There are several reasons to use a clay pot for cooking from New Basics, but let us check out the primary ones below. 

  • All the products from New Basics are made in India with pure, tested, and primary clay. The products do not have lead, metals, toxins, cadmium, or chemicals. 
  • We never implement additives or glazes in the making of the clay pots. However, the slight difference in the hue in the products is all-natural.
  • You can use our earthen cookware for cooking all types of recipes except deep frying on gas and electric stoves, micro-oven, and OTG. 
  • It is also possible to use the clay cookers on induction stovetops, solar ovens, outdoor grills, electric coils, and more.
  • The handles for all the frying pans, Kadai, handi, and other earthenware are safe to use as they all are coil compressed. It allows hassle-free handling and a firm grip without breaking the product. 
  • The earthen cookware from New Basics is made to last for a lifetime and offers a warranty from our end. 
  • All the products and their lids can contain the steam. The pots and the lids include ergonomic designs in concentric patterns. Thus, the lid remains cooler, compared to the pot, due to the steam condensing barriers. 
  • The clay pots from New Basics can draw in air from outside. When the inside temperature goes up, the higher pressure will allow the semi-porous specially designed walls to deliver the necessary oxygen and air to the food. 
  • One clay handi or Kadai can replace various metal or ceramic cookware like a pressure cooker, sauté pan, bread baker, yogurt maker, rice cooker, dutch oven, and fermenting or sprouting pots. 

The mission of New Basics is to offer a customer the best clay pots online at affordable prices. So, navigate through our collection and place your order today!