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Brick Mugs – Set of 2 – 300 ML Mugs


Butter – Curd Pot with Earthen Lid – Small Elite


Butter Pot with Glass Lid – Small Elite


Casserole – Chapati Box Round with Lid


Clay Chatni Bowl – Small – Set of Six Bowls


Clay Jug – Large – Earthenware Jug For Water or Juice


Donga Set with Clay Lid and Cute Clay Handle – Set of 3


Earthenware Jar with Toughen Glass Lid for Storage


Earthenware Tea Set – Classic Clay-Mitti Tableware


Fruit – Salad Serving Plates Square – 9 Inch – Earthenware


Handi with Clay Lid Dome Style


Mathani Mitti Pot – Earthenware Handi Set of Three


Mitti Bowl Set – Microware Safe – Set of 4 Clay Bowls


Rabri Style Tumbler – Set of 6 in Earthenware


Small Clay Pot – Store Butter – Dahi – Chatni – Floral Design


Small Family Starter Set – Tumbler Bowl Spoons Plates Jug


Square Plate with Roll Tray – Classic Tableware


Square Serving Set – New Earthenware Brown


Tea Cups – Set of 6 – Brick Design Regular Size


Tea Cups Basics in Earthenware – Regular


Tea Glass – Set of 6 – Medium – Regular


Best Quality Eco-Friendly Earthen Tableware from New Basics

The art of serving and cooking food has drastically changed in the past years. Thus the best crockery and tableware selection to serve the food has become a sophistication and status symbol. Due to more awareness of healthy options, there is an ardent increase in the use of earthen tableware among the population all across the globe recently. 

Advantages of Using Earthen Tableware in Your Home

The use of earthen crockery and tableware has been beneficial for years. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Non-Hazardous Raw Material

The earthen tableware is composed of pure clay and is secure from all toxicities you may consume using metal, plastic, or other materials. So, protect your beloved family members and children from health hazards using earthen tableware. 

  • Highly Economical

The cost of the clay utensils is lower compared to the cost of plastic and metallic tableware. They also enhance the aesthetic value of your place. So what are the better ways to impress your visitors and guests?

  • Enriched Flavor

According to an experiment, serving in the earthen tableware will retain the flavor and aroma of the food longer and enhance its flavor. 

Different Types of Earthen Tableware Available in New Basics

You can find the following types of clay pots online in New Basics. 

  • Clay Cups

Serve tea or coffee to your friends and family in healthy tableware with these earthen clay cups. These cups are best suitable for cold and hot milk, beverages, and coffee. These clay tableware make them aromatic and delicious. They are also secure to store inside the refrigerator, or you can use them directly on a gas stove or fire. 

  • Clay Glass Set

What is better than serving natural cold water in a clay glass set? The glasses generally come in a set of 6 or 12 with 100 to 200 ml capacity. You can also use the glasses to store and serve the guests delicious and cold drinks throughout the year. 

  • Square Earthen Cup

These days earthen kitchenware is not only about its utility but also its looks. The cups in a square shape will attract your guests when you serve the dishes in them. 

  • Earthen Curd Pots

Are you still setting your curd in steel or other metallic utensils? Then it is high time to change the utensil and change to eco-friendly earthen pots to make aromatic and fresh curd. They are perfect for setting curds and storing other dairy products. This tableware will surely draw some words of admiration from your friends when you serve them curds from these pots. 

  • Clay Dinner Set

Do you need a brand new dinner set for your next party? If yes, try out these natural and non-toxic dinner sets from New Basics to impress your guests. The earthen dinner set will consist of one dish, two small bowls, and one glass, all composed of reddish-brown clay. It will also be aesthetically pleasing to serve your food in them. 

  • Earthen Linear Bowl

The earthen linear bowls can serve 500 ml of any vegetable, curry, soup, or stew and will be an outstanding addition to the crockery set. You can pick these linear bowls to serve your family from an extensive collection of New Basics. 

  • Clay Water Bottle 

It is time to quench your thirst with a stylish and eco-friendly earthen water bottle. These bottles have a 1-liter holding capacity and are composed of hand-mixed 100% natural and special clay. The bottle includes self-cooling properties, making it a must-have product for anyone in tropical countries like India. These clay water bottles are also easier to clean and come at a pocket-friendly price. So try out this innovation as soon as possible. You can also use a Clay jug to serve water into the clay glasses. 

So why are you waiting to grab the opportunity of being part of the revolution? So, go ahead, check out our clay handi, clay tray, and other earthy tableware, and book your favorite one.