Flour Mill

Advantages of Domestic Flour Mill

Domestic Flour Mill

A home flour mill is a pulverizer machine that grinds wheat to provide the best flour you can get. However, if you want to enjoy fresh flour that has all its nutrients intact, the one way to do that is to own a classic atta chakki. Freshly milled flour has more nutrients than freshly picked fruit, which is why many people opt to mill their own flour right before using it to make their meals.

Many people wonder whether it is worth milling your own flour since it is a time-consuming process. The truth is if you want to add more flavor to your food, nothing can beat freshly-milled flour. Today, domestic flour mills are considered an essential part of their kitchen across many households. These machines are available in various sizes and designs so that you do not have to compromise with just one mill type.

Benefits of Your Own Flour Mill at Home

Owning an atta chakki with which you can freshly mill your wheat right before consumption allows you to have several health benefits. Traditionally Indian households used stone flour mills for home use that did not have any harmful effects like industrial machinery might have. Here are some of the top benefits of owning a home flour mill:

  1. More Nutritious Flour: As already mentioned above, freshly milled flour is more nutritious than store-bought ones. You would be able to enjoy all the benefits of freshly milled flour, including the nutrients like vitamins (notably B vitamins), protein, dietary fiber, phytochemicals etc.
  2. Cost-Effective: Buying wheat will cost you less than what you pay to buy flour. Apart from it being more nutritious, when you buy a domestic flour mill, you can be assured that you are enjoying better meals at half of the cost of flour.
  3. Milling More Than Wheat: When you buy a home flour mill, you can use it to mill other food items too. Apart from wheat, some other things you can mill are gluten-free grains like lentils, beans, or others. You can experiment with any grain you want and even rice too.
  4. Better Flavor: Who does not like tasty rotis that can make your meal better? By using a stone flour mill, you can improve your wheat’s flavor by a few notches. Since the flour is fresh and full of nutrition, it tastes better too.
  5. Longer Shelf Life: Did you know that whole wheat grain has longer shelf life than flour? So when you buy a flour mill for home use, you would be able to store wheat for a long time without degrading its taste or quality.

Why Buy Domestic Flour Mill from New Basics?

The domestic flour mills from New Basics are designed to be compact so that every household can own one. Their flour mills are highly functional and affordable, and it is designed keeping the customers’ needs in mind.


If you want to grind grains like wheat, rice, cereals, pulses, and legumes all in one machine, there is nothing better for you than a domestic flour mill.

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