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Premium Quality Clay Water Bottles from New Basics

Most people are shifting from plastic water bottles to earthen ones for drinking water. Besides immense health benefits, these are also attractive in design. People use clay pots for drinking water which was common in earlier households. But if you are still confused about reasons to shift to clay water bottles to drink and earthen pots for storing water, then go through their below advantages. 

  • Improves the Metabolism

Drinking water from a clay water bottle or pot helps to maintain testosterone levels in the human body. Water from plastic bottles reduces these hormone levels. Besides, clay helps to keep the water naturally cool, as a result of which it improves the body's metabolism. 

  • Provides Cool Water

Due to the porous nature of the clay, evaporation occurs whenever you store water in an earthen bottle or pot. Clay utensils include microscopic pores through which water comes out. It gains energy from the heat and converts them into gas, and evaporates. It causes the water to remain cool even in hot weather. 

  • Eco Friendly

It is needless to say how much harm plastic is causing to our environment. Clay, on the other hand, is a natural material, making it more eco-friendly. It also makes it a more economical option compared to plastic. All the products from New Basics are arsenic and lead-free. We use only natural red clay material for making the earthen pots for water and water bottles. 

  • Alkaline Nature

Clay has alkaline characteristics. Thus, it offers the correct pH balance in contact with acidic water. pH-balanced water assists in curbing acidity and provides relief from gastronomic pains. 

  • Helps in Healing

The clay is full of electromagnetic energy and minerals. So, while storing the water in a clay water bottle, it charges it with healing powers. 

How to Use Clay Bottles from New Basics?

Before using the clay bottleclean it thoroughly with warm water from the outside and inside with a soft sponge. Then fill the entire bottle with water for one day. After that, empty the bottle or pot and wash it again. Dry it before using it. You have to clean the water bottle or the pot at least once a week in this way. Thorough cleaning is necessary to prevent any sedimentation or iron deposition in the mitti ki bottle to keep the pores open for perfect cooling of the water.

Always place a stand or a plate to gather the seeping water from the bottle or the pot to prevent water spillage on the floor or platform. Clean the water bottle with baking soda, lukewarm water, and lemon. If there is any packaging smell present in the water bottle or pot, implement a coffee powder treatment, where you have to fill a small bowl with cardamom or coffee powder inside the water bottle or pot to eliminate the smell. 

Never use any metal scrubbers for cleaning the terracotta bottle or pot. Also, avoid implementing any detergent or dishwasher for cleaning the earthen drinking bottles or pots.

All the earthen water bottles from New Basics are non-toxic, unglazed, and fully safe to use. They have a wide opening, making it hassle-free to pour the water and clean. We pack every clay bottle in EPE in high-quality boxes to prevent any breakage while shipping. Our every product carefully delivers exceptional quality. From the design and material used to thoughtful improvements and quality checks, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we want to do. So select the perfect clay water bottle for your daily use and place your order today!