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How to Make Curd | Thick Dahi At Home | Thick Yogurt

Thick Curd

Curd / Yogurt is high in protein and more healthy when compared to milk. Curd acts as a great probiotic. The good bacteria present in curd helps to clear out the digestive system. It improves our gut activity and is great for treating an upset stomach. In Indian household, curd is used in many dishes.


Tips to make thick curd or Dahi at Home

Use good quality milk. Full cream milk yields a luscious and thick curd.

Always boil the milk before making the curd. This ensures that the milk does not spoil during the fermentation process.

If it is very hot the milk may coagulate and you might end up getting a grainy curd. If it is little hot then the curd does not become thick and is a bit runny with some whey in the curd. If the milk is cold, then the curd won’t be set at all. The milk must be warm.

It is very important to dissolve the curd culture uniformly in the milk. Whisk very well with a spoon or a whisker.

If you stay in a cold place or have cold temperatures, then cover the bowl or pan in which the curd mixture is with a warm towel or warm blanket and keep it in a warm place in your kitchen. Also you could place the bowl in a big large jar of wheat flour and then cover the jar.  In summers the curd will set faster than in the winters.

You could use any quantity of milk you want to make the thick curd. For half a Litre milk, 1 to 2 teaspoons of curd culture works fine. Increase proportionately for larger quantities of milk.

Curd can be set in any pot, but earthen pot would give great result and thick yogurt. It would also be easy for later clean up.

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