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What are Benefits of Neem Wood Combs?

Neem Wood

Neem Tree, also known as ‘Azadirachta indica’ is a tree native to India. In Sanskrit, neem is arista, which means something that is perfect, imperishable and complete. Not only its leaves, but the tree’s seeds, roots and bark also contain important compounds that have many medicinal and beauty properties. The tree is supposed to denote ‘good health’ in our Ayurveda.

Neem Wood Combs are prepared from tree logs and are handcrafted by local artisans. Whether it’s long silky hair, or men’s grizzly beard, the neem comb promotes a minimalist and natural lifestyle, thanks to its design and multi-use benefits. These Combs will help in controlling common hair problems.

Primary Benefits of Neem Wood Combs

Control Dandruff: Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Plastic combs may cause fungal infection, whereas neem wood doesn’t allow fungal growth which in turn will lead to reduction in dandruff.

Gentle on your Scalp: Plastic combs may have pointed edges and sharp teeth which may cause damages to your scalp thereby leading to hair loss.  Wooden combs are generally soft and are very gentle on your hair and Scalp as they do not have sharp edges.

Gentle on your Hair: Wooden combs have perfectly spaced teeth, which help in uncurling of your help in better manner. It also helps in removal in dirt and unwanted particles settling in hair.

Non Static: Combing with plastic or metal combs tend to make hair stiff and frizzy due to Static electricity. Wooden Combs do not generate static electricity hence keeping your hair intact.

Environment friendly: Neem completely bio-degradable hence you are helping in sustainable Earth.