Neem Wood

Benefits of Neem Wood Kitchenware Accessories

Neemwood Cutlery

Traditionally Neem tree is part of every house or community and every part of it is used for different medicinal and lifestyle purposes. Our ancestors used neem oil, the leaves as well as the flowers in the cooking and various other purposes. Neem wood was initially used to make combs which helped in hair growth and prevents scalp infections. Currently Neem wood is also being converted to Kitchenware accessories because of its immense medicinal and anti-bacteria properties.

Advantages of Neem Wood Kitchen Accessories

Non Acidic:  Unlike some metallic/plastic cookware, Wood range does not react to food and is natural.

Scratch Resistant: Unlike metal spoons with hard edges which may damage cookware, wooden utensils do not scratch cookware, ultimately giving your cookware a longer life.

Durability: Wooden spoons are made from a single block of wood, which make it sturdy enough for regular daily use and last long.

Eco Friendly: Wood is natural, and completely biodegradable. Wood is non-toxic and hence you are supporting a more sustainable mother earth.

Wood is Heat resistant: Wooden Spoon range does not absorb heat and are easy on your hands unlike metal Spoons which may burn hand while cooking.

Anti-Bacterial: Neem is a naturally germ-killer, hence it not only a safer option but a healthier alternative to your Kitchenware.

Easy to use: Wooden Spoons are hand-made for the comfort of the user. They are easy and comfortable to hold for a longer time.

Extensive Range: Wooden Spoons are available in all shapes and size used in a regular kitchen.

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