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Can we Microwave a Clayware – Earthenware Pot?

Microwave Clayware

Clayware in Microwave or Oven

The use of Earthenware or Clayware has become common for dining and drinking. Clayware has numerous health benefits and is an eco-friendly alternative to your regular plastic kitchenware. Additionally Earthenware also compliments rustic-themed kitchens and it also adds a nice touch to the presentation of earthy-flavored food.

So, is Clayware microwave safe?

Yes. Most Clayware are microwaving safe. If you heat up in the microwave, nothing would happen either to food or to Earthenware Pot. It might get a bit warm, but it will stay intact and will cause zero harm to the food. Just for the reference, Clayware have undergone heat treatment which is at-least three times of your Microwave heating ability. So go ahead use your newBasics Clayware in Microware without any issues but with some precautions.

Of course, Clayware, like every other Cookware, has its limitations. It’s breakable and can crack due to a sudden shift in temperature. Hence it is always advised not to preheat the Oven and only switch on Microwave along with food.

How to test is your Clayware Microwaveable?

Grab a cookware that is microwave-friendly.

Fill around one-third with water.

Place the cookware with water and turn the microwave power to maximum/high for a minute.

After heating, use oven mittens and take the Cookware out.

Now touch the Cookware dish you microwaved.

If the dish feels warm and the water remains cold, the cookware has absorbed heat and is unsafe for microwaves.

If the dish remains cool and the water feels warm, the pottery doesn’t absorb heat and is totally safe for use in the microwave.

Cookware Care

If you want to heat or bake food in the oven, don’t preheat the oven. Place the food in your cookware and put it in a cold oven. The food will heat up with the Clayware, so preheating is not effective. It may also damage the lining of your dish.

Don’t run cold water on a hot baking dish. This is most likely to cause cracking.

Never put an empty pottery dish in the microwave or baking oven. Make sure that at least half of the dish is filled with a liquid or food.

Only use gentle heating, especially if the dish is filled with food or liquid.

Since pottery gets hot quickly, it’ll warm the food or liquid faster. If you’re heating water or milk, microwave the clayware for 2-3 minutes. Don’t heat for more than 6 minutes.

Don’t stack pottery plates, bowls or mugs in the microwave to warm them.

If you’ve kept pottery in a cold cupboard away from light and heat, don’t put hot food immediately inside it. Wait a couple of minutes and let the dish come to room temperature.