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Bowl – Dal – Sabji – Katori – Bowl – Regular – Set of 6


Bowl – Katori – Round Classic Design – Regular


Breakfast Plate with 2 portion Square Regular


Breakfast Plate with 3 portion Round Regular


Clay Chatni Bowl – Small – Set of Six Bowls


Donga Set with Clay Lid and Cute Clay Handle – Set of 3


Food Plate – Round – Brown – Regular Size


Katori Dona – Bowl Set – Regular


Lunch Dinner Set – Plate – Glass – Bowls – Spoon


Lunch – Dinner Set of Plate – Cups – Bowl – Spoon in Clayware


Mathani Mitti Pot – Earthenware Handi Set of Three


Mitti Bowl Set – Microware Safe – Set of 4 Clay Bowls


Salad Bowl – Big Katori – Classic Design


Small Clay Pot – Store Butter – Dahi – Chatni – Floral Design


Small Family Starter Set – Tumbler Bowl Spoons Plates Jug


Soup Bowls Set with Spoon – Regular


Soup Bowls Set with Spoon and Saucer


Exclusive Traditional Earthen Dinnerware from New Basics

Clay pottery goes back thousands of years to the Indus Valley Civilization and is nowadays resurfacing due to the health consciousness among people. In New Basics, we have vowed to make a little difference in the lives of these local artisans and craftsmen by creating a global marketplace for them. Earthen Dinnerware has numerous benefits, like retaining the flavor of the traditional dinnerware. 

All our clay utensils and dinnerware are crafted with high-quality natural clay material. Thus all our products are beautiful, enduring, and durable. New Basics believes serving or cooking in earthen dinnerware will enhance the connection by sharing a lovely meal with your friends and family. They are easier to clean and healthy to use for the environment and you. All you have to do is to clean them regularly. Clay dinnerware will create a refreshing elegance to the dinner table and brighten up the special events. 

You do not have to visit any restaurant anymore to enjoy a meal with a rustic twist. New Basics brings to their customers various earthen dinnerware, adding a new meaning to healthy and clean eating. These products are perfect to use every day as they are made from filtered and natural clay. The mineral characteristics of clay are combined with different food items to enhance their nutritional properties and taste. 

Benefits of Using Clay Crockery

The pros of using clay crockery at the dinner table are as follows. 

  • Every product of New Basics is highly exclusive, collectible, hand crafted, and attractive
  • Best items to gift to your loved ones for Diwali, birthday, housewarming party, thanksgiving, or Christmas
  • Stylish and versatile dinnerware, perfect for any formal or casual occasion to use
  • The clay dinner set is non-toxic, natural, and inert that does not react with food
  • Eco friend and good for health to use
  • All the dinner set products from New Basics will be a classic addition to your collection
  • Double baked at 1040 degrees Celsius to offer a safe product
  • 100% organic and natural with zero chemical color usage
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe products
  • Perfect for serving vegetables, curries, dessert, dal, curd, and more 
  • Improves the natural taste of the food

Different Earthen Dinnerware of New Basics

The different types of clay dinnerware from New Basics include:

  • Dinner Plate

The dinner plates from New Basics are perfect to serve both cold and hot foods. They are composed of red clay material giving them an unglazed finish.

  • Quarter Plates

26 cm of serving quarter plates are ideal for serving side dishes or starters.

  • Designer Plate

The designer clay plates are new in trends and perfect for any modern kitchen or home. You serve food in them or can use them as a fruit plate to keep all the fruits together. 

  • Bowls

Clay bowls are highly versatile as you can serve your curries or meat to the guests or store the leftovers in the fridge for the night. 

  • Clay Handi

Clay handi is one of the best products from New Basics to cook and serve the dish directly from the gas stove on the dinner table. You can cook different dishes in a handi, but it is perfect for cooking biryani or rice dishes. 

How to Use Earthen Dinnerware?

Before using the dinnerware for the first time, soak them in water for some time and then allow them to air dry. Clean all your vessels instantly after using them. For cleaning the utensils, soak a sponge in water, apply lemon and baking soda, and gently rub it. If you have served any sticky material in the dinnerware, boil them in hot water after cleaning to eliminate the stickiness. Always remain careful while using as it may lead to abrasion due to rough handling. Always put a soft cloth or tissue in between every product while stacking. Never use harsh detergent to clean the earthen utensils, and do not scrub too much. 

So go through our wide range of dinnerware and clay pots online and add all the exclusive pieces to your collection by placing an order online.